Consumer group cries foul in Jay-Z app flap

KWIKA partner Jeremiah Reynolds was quoted by the Los Angeles Times in Ryan Faughnder’s article on Rapper Jay-Z’s giveaway of his new album to Samsung Galaxy smartphone users through a special app.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (“EPIC”), a privacy-rights advocate with an emphasis on “emerging civil liberties issues, the First Amendment, and constitutional values” (according to its website), says that Samsung required users to reveal more personal data than was reasonable during the download process and failed to inform them of important privacy practices of the app.

Samsung countered that the user requirements associated with the Jay-Z app are not unusual and are consistent with practices for other apps.

Jeremiah said he didn’t see any problem with what Samsung had done since users voluntarily supplied the data, as he added, “People may believe it’s intrusive, but as long is it’s correctly described and as long as the people give consent, I don’t see what the issue is.”

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