Family vs. caregiver puts Ernie Banks estate in limbo

KWIKA partner Jeremiah Reynolds was quoted in The Guardian in Mark Guarino’s article on the legal struggle between the family of Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks and the caregiver who looked after him during the final stages of his life.  The family says that caregiver Regina Rice coerced Banks into signing a new will transferring his estate to her in addition to giving her power of attorney.

Jeremiah said the estates of celebrities commonly face legal challenges from all the people involved in the lives of the famous:  “multiple ex-spouses, people involved with the celebrity over many years, people providing care, it just multiplies.  The more people there are, the more likely it will happen.”

He added that Illinois law requires caregivers to prove that the estate or trust holder independently approved the changes and not under fraud or duress.  “I don’t know how a caregiver does this unless they videotape and have psychotherapists interview Mr. Banks to say he’s competent.  This is so difficult, I don’t know how [Rice] is going to overcome that.”

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