• Representation of Mattel, Inc. in filing a lawsuit against a writer who waited over 30 years to first make a claim to copyright ownership of certain aspects of the world-famous Masters of the Universe toy brand and associated film, television and merchandising rights.
  • The representation of writer/director Jim Jarmusch, Universal Studios, Focus Features, and producer Glenn Rigberg in an idea theft and copyright lawsuit regarding the motion picture Broken FlowersKWIKA obtained the dismissal of the case.
  • The representation of Starz as plaintiff in an action against Disney distributor Buena Vista Television (“BVT”) concerning electronic distribution rights on the Internet.  Starz provides premium entertainment programming to cable and satellite systems through its movie channels, and also provides its customers with Internet access to feature films.  In order to do so, Starz enters into long-term license agreements or “output agreements” with studios that produce and/or distribute motion pictures, including Defendant BVT.  Notwithstanding the clear restrictions placed on BVT’s Internet rights during Starz’s exclusive license periods, BVT sold for transmission over the Internet via services like Apple’s iTunes the very same Disney Pictures licensed to Starz. In its Complaint filed in March 2007, Starz alleges that BVT’s actions materially breach the parties’ License Agreements and infringe Starz’s exclusive copyrights in the Pictures. The case was settled on the eve of trial.
  • The representation of Mattel, Inc. in two idea submission cases asserted against Mattel’s very successful “Barbie: Fairytopia” DVDs and related line of products.  The first case resulted in a month long trial ending in a jury verdict for Mattel. The second case, filed by a plaintiff in Texas, was favorably resolved after KWIKA filed a motion for summary judgment.

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