• The representation of business management firm Loring Ward, Inc. and its parent company Loring Ward International, Ltd. defending various claims brought by former client Christine Wolf arising out of her divorce from Dick Wolf, the creator of the Law & Order television series.  KWIKA obtained dismissal of the claims against the parent company based on lack of personal jurisdiction.  After litigation of the claims against Loring Ward, Inc., the Court dismissed the action for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.
  • Representation of ICM Partners in a variety of matters including commission disputes, breach of contract, idea submission and agent departures.
  • The representation of the William Morris Agency in a dispute regarding entitlement to commissions on director Guillermo del Toro’s film Hellboy 2.
  • The representation of talent agency Paradigm in an arbitration brought by a former Paradigm agent who was terminated by Paradigm for cause.
  • The representation of the entertainment law firm Jackoway Tyerman in connection with the profit participation and vertical integration action brought against NBC by Jackoway Tyerman’s clients Kohan and Mutchnick, who were the creators of the successful television series Will & Grace. During discovery and at trial, NBC sought to obtain confidential information concerning the law firm’s representation of other successful television shows.

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