Zachary Elsea Comments on Possible Sacha Baron Cohen Suit in Hollywood Reporter, Radio Interview

Zachary Elsea’s guest column on possible legal action against comedian Sacha Baron Cohen over his latest project was published in The Hollywood Reporter on July 18, 2018. Additionally, Zachary was invited to appear as a guest on the radio show Barely Legal with Joe Escalante to provide his insight on the topic. Read More

Larry Iser Explains the Legal Barriers Confronting VidAngel

KWIKA Managing Partner Larry Iser recently weighed in on the lawsuit filed by Disney, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Entertainment against VidAngel, a company offering technology to filter out sex, violence, nudity, etc. from motion pictures and television shows that are streamed by VidAngel to its customers. The studios accuse VidAngel of copyright infringement for not obtaining licenses to stream the content. Read More

Larry Iser Speaks Extensively to Media on Led Zeppelin Copyright Trial

KWIKA Managing Partner Larry Iser was quoted in Los Angeles Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Guardian and appeared on CBS Evening News to discuss the ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit filed against the band Led Zeppelin over their iconic song "Stairway to Heaven." Read More

Shawn Holley to be portrayed by actress Angel Parker in ‘The People v. O. J. Simpson’

KWIKA partner Shawn Holley, who was a member of O. J. Simpson's defense team led by Johnnie Cochran, will be played by actress Angel Parker in the upcoming American Crime Story series premiering February 2, 2016 on cable network FX. Read More

David Swift Featured in Palisadian-Post Sports Article

David Swift was the subject of Steve Galluzzo's Palisadian-Post Sports article “Soccer Player David Swift Gives Age the Boot,” which details his selection for the USA Maccabi Masters soccer team. Read More

Larry Iser Lends Experience On Unauthorized Use of Music in Political Campaigns to Rolling Stone Magazine

KWIKA Managing Partner Larry Iser is heavily quoted in Steve Knopper's Rolling Stone piece "Why Politicians Keep Using Songs Without Artists' Permission." Read More

Jury Rules in Favor of Marvin Gaye’s Family in “Blurred Lines” lawsuit; Media Turns to Larry Iser for Analysis

KWIKA Managing Partner Larry Iser was quoted in several publications and appeared on several nationally syndicated talk shows to discuss the stunning jury verdict in the “Blurred Lines” case that rocked the music industry. Read More

Interview with Chad Fitzgerald: Music sales up for first time since 1999

KWIKA partner Chad Fitzgerald was a guest on a recent broadcast of Larry Mantle's weekday program on Southern California Public Radio which highlighted the news that music sales are up after a 12-year decline. You can hear the podcast as Chad and two other guests discuss the issue.  (To listen, once you get to the website, look for the "Listen Now" box, which is to the left of the picture under the program's title.)... Read More

Reuter’s podcast featuring Larry Iser: Campaign Music Strikes Sour Notes

KWIKA founding/managing partner Larry Iser has recorded a podcast with Reuter's, discussing the use of music in political campaigns. Check out Larry's comments on the current state of politicians and music.  (You'll see the on-screen audio player at the end of the short article.)... Read More

Interview with Jon Steinsapir: Hollywood’s Knockoffs

In an audio recording at, KWIKA partner Jon Steinsapir explains the legal issues surrounding "mockbusters," which are films with titles designed to mislead consumers into thinking they're renting the legitimate studio versions.... Read More