Shawn Holley: More than just a lawyer to Lindsay Lohan

When KWIKA Partner Shawn Holley became a lawyer, chances are she had no idea how indispensible she would become to some of her clients. For the last several years, her representation of Lindsay Lohan has become much more than just a legal one. L.A.Times columnist Sandy Banks interviews Shawn about her representation of Lindsay, with an emphasis on the non-lawyering skills of this caring and sensitive attorney.... Read More

Rush vs. Rush: The Differences Between Political Candidates and Talk-Show Commentators

KWIKA Partner Larry Iser was asked by the major music industry publications to explain the legal issues surrounding Rush Limbaugh's use of the music of Rush (the band) and Peter Gabriel.  In fact, different laws apply to broadcast radio than to campaign TV ads. Read Larry's comments in the Los Angeles Times.... Read More

Larry Iser on NPR, Bloomberg and the NY Times: A Primer on Music in Political Campaigns

KWIKA Partner Larry Iser, who has set the industry standard for successful lawsuits on behalf of songwriters against political candidates using copyrighted songs without permission, has been making the rounds during the busy presidential primary season, talking about the laws governing the use of copyrighted materials by political candidates. Newt Gingrich was sued over the use of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, while Mitt Romney, who asked Kid Rock for permission to use the song Born Free, nevertheless found himself in troubled waters after he failed to seek permission to create a commercial ... Read More

Thanks to KWIKA, candidates now asking ‘May I’

In an interview with, Larry Iser explains how KWIKA's pair of successful lawsuits against 2008 presidential candidate John McCain and former Florida governor Charlie Crist for copyright violations are having an effect.  Candidates are realizing that they must obtain an artist's permission before using a copyrighted song in their campaign.... Read More

Lawdragon: Interview with Larry Iser

Larry talks about how he got started in law, including how it won out over his early intentions and considerable accomplishments in music, mostly because of an inspiring undergraduate college class, and later because he discovered there was plenty of room for music in a legal career.... Read More

The Hollywood Reporter: Q&A: Howard Weitzman, Lawyer for Michael Jackson Estate

Howard Weitzman was interviewed by Eriq Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter about the "roller coaster ride" he's been on for the past year in settling the Michael Jackson estate.... Read More

Lawdragon: Lawyer Limelight – Shawn Holley

Shawn Holley was named to the fifth annual Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America guide for 2010 and was recently interviewed by Lawdragon's John Ryan.... Read More

CIO Magazine: Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Protection in the Employment Arena

Read Michael Kump's interview with Read Full Interview... Read More