Can Trump use Adele’s songs in his campaign? Larry Iser explains

KWIKA founding partner Larry Iser was quoted by ABC News and Forbes magazine on one of his favorite legal points: whether a political candidate can use a song without the permission of the artist. Read More

Chad Fitzgerald comments on streaming revenues

KWIKA partner Chad Fitzgerald was quoted by the Los Angeles Business Journal in Marni Usheroff's "Fresh Money In Old Shows" piece, highlighting a new type of income generated by television productions long past their prime. Streaming services such as Hulu, Inc. and Netflix are snapping up the rights to multiple seasons of popular shows from the past, introducing a new generation of viewers to the hit series of yesteryear. Read More

KWIKA sues 20th Century Fox on behalf of ‘Bones’ producer

Barry Josephson, executive producer of 20th Century Fox Television's mega-hit Bones, has hired KWIKA to represent him in his lawsuit against Fox, alleging the studio has cheated him out of his share of profits from the show. But Josephson's claims don't end there. He says he was "fraudulently threatened" by Fox executives into accepting a lower fee to avoid cancellation of the production. Read More

Greg Aldisert quoted by Law360 in look at bench’s lighter side

KWIKA founding partner Greg Aldisert was one of the attorneys asked to comment in Bill Donahue's piece for Law360 on something we don't hear much about: the "benchslap." That's when judges get a little frisky and decide to spice up their rulings with unexpected rhetoric. Read More

Michael Kump featured in University of Michigan Law notable alumni profile

KWIKA founding partner Michael Kump is profiled in the Fall 2015 issue of The Law Quadrangle, the official publication of the University of Michigan Law School, in its “Hooray for Hollywood” look at the legal success of well-known alumni in Tinseltown. Read More

‘Gutsy move’ ends Jay-Z ‘Big Pimpin” trial

KWIKA partner Jonathan Steinsapir was again quoted in a Daily Journal account by Ashley Cullins of the latest development in the eight-year complex litigation brought by an Egyptian plaintiff who claimed his copyright was infringed by rapper Jay-Z in the 1999 hit "Big Pimpin'." Read More

Greg Aldisert quoted by Bloomberg in ‘bond king’ Bill Gross’s wrongful termination suit against PIMCO

KWIKA founding partner Greg Aldisert was quoted by Bloomberg in Edvard Pettersson's article on bond guru Bill Gross's suit against the firm he co-founded, Pacific Investment Management Co., better known as PIMCO. Gross's 2014 shocking departure from the investment giant whose success he was principally responsible for rocked the normally serene world of bond investors far and wide. Read More

KWIKA files complaint against Playboy for breach of contract in licensing of branded vodka

KWIKA Partner David Swift has filed a $12 million lawsuit on behalf of Broad Street Licensing Group, alleging that Playboy Enterprises attempted to hide their commission obligations over Playboy-branded liquor. Read More

KWIKA defends SeaWorld against Cal-OSHA citations

KWIKA founding/managing partner Larry Iser is representing SeaWorld Entertainment as trial began today against the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, better known as Cal-OSHA. The dispute stems from four citations issued by Cal-OSHA against SeaWorld claiming the water park lacks adequate protections for employees who work with killer whales. Read More

Nick Soltman weighs in on artist’s claim against Netflix in Daily Journal piece

KWIKA attorney Nick Soltman was quoted by the Daily Journal in Ashley Cullins' article on a copyright infringement case filed against Netflix by artist Earl Swanigan. The complaint alleges that a painting of Swanigan's appeared in the background in an episode of a Netflix original TV series without the artist's permission. Read More