Greg Aldisert quoted by Bloomberg in ‘bond king’ Bill Gross’s wrongful termination suit against PIMCO

KWIKA founding partner Greg Aldisert was quoted by Bloomberg in Edvard Pettersson’s article on bond guru Bill Gross’s suit against the firm he co-founded, Pacific Investment Management Co., better known as PIMCO. Gross’s 2014 shocking departure from the investment giant whose success he was principally responsible for rocked the normally serene world of bond investors far and wide.

Maybe even more surprising was that someone as successful as Gross had no contract with PIMCO such that, at least at first glance, he could be fired at any time. On the other hand, Greg said it’s not easy to evaluate the claims in a lawsuit from just the initial complaint. “You can’t get more sophisticated than these guys. But without a written contract he would likely be terminable at will.”

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